Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3:59 AM

When you’re studying for the GRE, chances are vocabulary is on your mind. Now we have great news for students looking for a little more vocabulary guidance–10 brand new vocabulary lesson videos!

New GRE Vocabulary Video Lessons 

  1. Intro to Vocabulary 7:18
  2. Flashcards 9:42
  3. Word Roots 11:06
  4. Mnemonics 8:44
  5. Reading in Context 10:46
  6. Active Usage 8:12
  7. Vocabulary Games 8:45
  8. The Thesaurus 3:02
  9. Vocabulary in Questions 2:07
  10. Obscure Vocabulary 3:17

Each lesson guides you through the best methods of bulking up your vocabulary to help you crack the verbal section. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by word lists, flashcard, latin roots, and thesauri then these lessons are a great place to start. I personally recommend the lesson on mnemonics for truly wacky ways to commit new words to memory (keep an eye out for the a-bear-ant!).


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